Dr. Asmaa Al-Taie

Resin Composites and Tooth Wear

Resin composite materials have acquired a prominent position amongst direct restorative materials for a wide range of clinical situations including rehabilitation of the worn dentition. Tooth wear has become a significant dental problem, it is estimated that the prevalence of erosive tooth wear in permanent teeth of children and adolescents is 30.4%. Prevention is key in management of tooth wear however restorative rehabilitation may also be required. Modern resin composite materials provide a conservative, minimally invasive approach for management of tooth wear with acceptable survival and long term maintenance requirements. Understanding the aetiology and treatment planning strategies of tooth wear patients using direct composite restorations is key achieve predictable outcomes.

Dr Al-Taie is a Clinical Lecturer/Speciality Registrar in Restorative Dentistry at the Leeds Dental Hospital. She completed her MSc with distinction and PhD at Leeds. For her PhD she developed novel nano-hybride dental composite with anticaries properties. Previously she spent a significant period of time in both General Practice and as a Senior House Officer in Maxillofacial Surgery and Restorative Dentistry. She has also been awarded the Membership Diploma from the Faculty of Dental Surgeons (Edinburgh). Her research interests is in the field of resin composites, light curing and amalgam alternatives. She has an interest in rehabilitating tooth surface loss patients with direct resin composites and all aspects of fixed and removable prosthodontics. She published in the fields of dental composites, removable prosthodontics, endodontics and the rehabilitation of oral cancer patients.


Dr. Antonis Chaniotis

Safe Endodontic Treatment with Hyflex EDM Files and the Autonomous Assistance System CanalPro Jeni

The internal anatomy of human teeth often consists of a highly variable network of canals, as seen in studies of root canal anatomy. Reaching the biological and design objectives of root canal instrumentation in the everyday endodontic practice can be challenging and unpredictable. An autonomous instrumentation assistance system might secure your everyday endodontic shaping. The aim of this lecture is to introduce you to the Jeni motor assisted endodontic instrumentation with Hyflex EDM files.

Learning objectives

  1. Understand the design and biological objectives of canal instrumentation
  2. Understand the anatomical complexity of the root canal systems
  3. Introduce a novel instrumentation approach with Jeni motor autonomous assistance system
  4. Optimize and simplify your Jeni motor instrumentation with the Hyflex EDM system

Dr. Chaniotis Antonis graduated from the University of Athens Dental School, Greece (1998). In 2003 he completed the three-year postgraduate program in Endodontics at the University of Athens Dental School. 

Since 2003, he owns a limited to microscopic Endodontics private practice in Athens, Greece.

For the last ten years, he served as a clinical instructor affiliated with the undergraduate and postgraduate programs at the University of Athens, Athens Dental School, Endodontic department, Greece.

In 2012 he was awarded the title of Clinical fellow teacher at the University of Warwick, Warwick dentistry UK.

He lectures extensively nationally and internationally and he has published articles in local and international Journals.

He currently serves as  a member of the Hellenic Association of Endodontists (ESE member society),  country representative of the Hellenic Association of endodontists, a certified member of the European Society of Endodontology (ESE) and international member of American Association of Endodontists (AAE).

Contact information:

Dr.Chaniotis Antonis DDS,MDSc
Private practice –microEndodontics
Clinical Instructor affiliated with the University of Athens, Greece
Athens Dental School, department of Endodontics
Clinical Fellow teacher at the University of Warwick, UK.


Dr. Natalya Chechun

Submicron Composite Restorations in Every Day Dentistry - Simple but Excellent

  • What result do the patient and the doctor want to get in most clinical cases?
  • Characteristics, properties of the Brilliant EverGlow.
  • The material is simple and the result is predictable. Why?
  • What benefits do the doctor and the patient get?
  • Fast and exceptional polishability of restoration
  • Improvisation of the use of Brilliant Ever Glow in combination with effects (paints): characterization of the internal structures of the tooth, "revival" of devital teeth.
  • Using Brilliant EverGlow  for repairing chips of composite, ceramic and metal-ceramic restorations

Private Practitioner. Clinic Owner.

Endodontics, aesthetic restorations.

Participant and finalist in national competitions in aesthetic dentistry.

Member of the STAR Endodontic Section, International Endodontic Federation of the European Society of Endodontology.

Physician with 28 years' experience


Dr. Mile Churlinov

Single Session Treatment

Patient centred approach

Single-visit root canal treatment, very well accepted by the patients as being cost and time effective is a real patient-centred approach (Maddalena Manfredi et al. 2016). Single- visit treatment reduces the risk of interappointment infection and resulted in fewer flare-ups (Yingying Su et al. 2011). It is however a technique and instruments-sensitive concept and it depends of clinician ability to isolate the working field, shape, clean and obturate the root canal space in a single visit. If possible, restoration should be finished in the same session, providing complete treatment.

Although two-visit protocol with an inter-appointment medication with calcium hydroxide resulted in improved microbiological status of the root canal system when compared with a single-visit protocol (Jorge Vera et al. 2012 ), it still remains a controversial issue as some studies revealed that it has limited effectiveness in eliminating bacteria from the root canal human teeth when assessed by culture techniques (Sathorn et al. 2007) and does not eliminate the entire spectrum of microorganisms (de Souza et al. 2005).

Finally, there is no strong scientific evidence to favour the single-visit or the multiple-visit root canal treatment, neither one can prevent 100% of short- and long-term complications (Figini Lara et al. 2008), therefore, it is a critical to rationalize and prioritize evidence when comparing the single and multiple-visit treatment to make feasible evidence-based decision for day-to-day practice. This means that the clinician needs to be aware of how to develop an evidence-based rationale to shape the clinical decision-making process (De-Deus et al. 2016).


Started his dental journey by graduating as a dental technician in 2004 in Bitola- Macedonia. Dr. Churlinov's education continues in 2010 where he graduated Dental Medicine at the Medical University of Plovdiv- Bulgaria, with a masters degree. Since 2013 he works as a full time endodontist in one of Sofia's leading clinic.    In 2015 Dr. Mile Churlinov started his online project ‘Endorestodontics’ which is followed by more than 4000 thousand people all over the World. He has taken a keen interest in endo-restorative treatment and continues to lead innovation in the field of "Endorestodontics" by having publications in peer review journals such as Dental Traumatology as well as online research magazines like Dentaltown, Hungarian Endodontic Journal and other international endodontic journals. He is active member of International Association of Dental traumatology guide and IADT. Since 2017 he is part Of Coltene  opinion leaders.

Dr. Mile Churlinov was awarded with case and article of the year prize at the World Congress of Dental Traumatology- San Diego 2018 organized by AAE for his article named “ Horizontal root fracture- double case report’’. He has given many presentations around the world (IFEA South Africa 2016, Roots Summit Dubai 2016, EDSIC Egypt 2016, Endo Evolution Moscow 2017, World Dental Congress Budapest 2017, Aesthetic Dental Moment Croatia 2018, International Bio Medical congress Sofia 2018, Endo Discussion Bucharest 2019, DWH Budapest 2019)


Jackie Dorst

Sterilization Tune-Up

Every day you clean, package and sterilize instruments and equipment to ensure patient safety.  Surfaces and technology equipment must be cleaned and disinfected after each patient appointment.  All sterilization and disinfection procedures must adhere to current regulations and standards.  Staying on schedule while practicing correct sterilization and infection control is an on-going challenge for busy dental practices.

Chaos can reign in the sterilization room when there is an inadequate inventory of instruments, cassettes and handpieces for the “through put time” required for proper cleaning and sterilization.  Inefficient cleaning and sterilization equipment or inefficient sterilization room layout & cabinet designs slow down the dental team and compromise the sterilization process.

Jackie Dorst’s webinar updates dental practices on the latest sterilization standards to ensure that your practice meets the “Standard of Care” for instrument reprocessing.

The clinical team often struggles with inefficient systems and the doctor is not aware of the sterilization room chaos!  Just as in the show, the Undercover Boss’ difficulties highlight changes needed to improve instrument sterilization.  Jackie Dorst will provide solutions to eliminate sterilization bottlenecks and improve efficiency for your dental practice.

Learning objectives:

  • Describe “Closed Door” sterilization
  • Distinguish between internal and external indicators
  • Demonstrate correct sterile pouch seal
  • List validation methods & records for sterilization process

Jackie Dorst speaks, writes and consults on dental instrument sterilization, infection prevention and OSHA safety.  Her experience in the dental profession, business, public speaking and research contribute to her energetic seminars based on scientific information applied to clinical effectiveness and efficiency.

She received her Bachelor of Science degree in Microbiology from the University of Georgia and, as an undergraduate, served as a Research Assistant in Medical Mycology. Jackie is a Dental Hygiene graduate of Clayton State University.

Jackie Dorst’s speaking credentials include the International Orthodontic Congress in Paris and the 3rd International Congress of Dental Technology in Yokohama, Japan.  She has been a featured speaker at the American Association of Orthodontists, the American Association of Endodontists, the American Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons, the American Dental Association in addition to state and regional professional meetings.

Jackie is a member of the Organization for Safety, Asepsis & Prevention, OSAP, the Association for Professionals in Infection Control and Epidemiology, APIC and she is OSHA approved to deliver safety training courses.


Peter Gibbons

Infection Prevention in Dentistry – What are the Risks

Content and aims of the course:

  • Principles of infection control
  • Pathogen groups, bacteria, viruses and prions
  • COVID 19
  • Water quality and its importance

Aims and objectives:

  • To raise awareness and understanding of infection control issues in dentistry.
  • To relate infection control practice to the latest guidelines
  • To provide strategies to control infection risks.


I am a Graduate qualified manager with seventeen years sales experience and over twenty years people management experience. I have highly developed organisational and motivational skill with ability to work within a range of environments. Possessing outstanding communication and interpersonal skills and excels within both team and individual situations.


I am currently the owner and decontamination specialist at PG Independent Dental Consultancy T/a DeconPete.  I offer dental practices, throughout the UK, help and advise in navigating the current guidelines concerning Infection Prevention and Control.

Henry Schein Dental my role as Decontamination and Microscopes Sales Manager UK & Ireland was responsible for all Decontamination, Microscope, Diode Laser and Surgical consumable and equipment sales within the dental market.  Driving sales through NHS and Private dentistry, including primary care trusts, NHS hospital teaching schools and corporate account customers. Other responsibilities include providing a successful education programme covering Infection Control Core CPD for all dental staff.

Working with my field-based team, consisting of 2 surgical specialists, 2 Microscope/ Laser specialists and 42 general merchandise specialists, my key duties are:

  • Creating drive to ensure that the return to the business is both profitable and cost effective through key supplier negotiations.
  • To ensure that YOY growth targets are met through the specific markets.
  • Working closely with decon engineers to ensure exacting standards are met.
  • Deliver budget and sales targets within specific time constraints.
  • Working with Henry Schein USA and Europe to share best practice
  • Training and Motivating Henry Schein staff on new products and ways to sell.
  • Ensuring that infection control products follow UK guidelines and European norms.
  • Ensure that all team members are kept updated with relevant regulatory changes.
  • Ensure that new product forecasts are met, maintaining overall GP
  • Plan forthcoming yearly budgets are in line with company growth strategies
  • Working with European and International manufacturing partners


Prof. Xiao-Mei HOU

Scientific and Clinical View on Controlled Memory File Systems – A Guide Through the NiTi Jungle

Phase transformation bahavior, bending property, resistance to cyclic fatigue of Hyflex CM and EDM are compared to TF, Mtwo, ProTaper Next, ProTaper, as well as WaveOne Gold, ProTaper Gold, Reciproc Blue and WaveOne. Furthermore, the shaping ability of HyFlex EDM Glide Path File is compared to  Scout RaCe, PathFile, ProGlider, R-Pilot, OneG, hand-used K file and hand-used Ni-Ti K file not only in simulated curved canals but also in S-shaped ones. Finally, the postoperative pain and preparation time of Hyflex EDM compared to PathFile will be introduced.

Dr. Xiao-Mei HOU graduated from Peking University Stomotology School where she got her PhD degree. From 2007 to 2016, she worked at Dental Hospital of Capital Medical University. During which, she spent one year in Tokyo Medical and Dental University, started the research in nickel-titanium rotary instrument. Since 2016, she got back to Dental Hospital of Peking University. She and her team focused on scientific research and clinical performance of various nickel-titanium instruments. She got national fund and other funds in nickel-titanium instruments and has given lectures all around China to introduce the science and art of nickel-titanium instruments.


Dr. Brian LeSage

Composite – Its Many Usages

Replacing tooth structure with composite is the ideal when holding to the truths of biomimetic dentistry. Our objective as cosmetic dentist is to replace missing, defective or decayed teeth in the most conservative fashion.  Composite is incredibly versatile and can be used in anterior and posterior clinical situations. The esthetic and functional outcome is uncompromised when following Dr. LeSage’s four parameters.  The anterior system includes a starburst bevel, putty matrix, layering of composite, and finishing and polishing. See the possibilities of composite usage - it will be an eye opening experience!


  1. Attain restorations that match the tooth in color and contour.
  2. Watch as Dr. LeSage shows his simple four parameter system 
  3. Tips for creating seamless, predictable and long lasting composite restorations

Brian P. LeSage, DDS, FAACD  graduated magna cum laude with the Omicron Kappa Upsilon Honor Dental Society award from the University of Maryland, Baltimore College of Dental Surgery in 1983. He has actively integrated academic pursuits with private practice, first in Washington D.C., and now for 30 years in Beverly Hills, California, emphasizing esthetic and reconstructive dentistry.

One of 390 accredited cosmetic dentists in the worldwide American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (AACD), Dr. LeSage was appointed as Consultant and Examiner for the AACD accreditation process in 1995. He was awarded the status of Fellow in the AACD, in 2002.  He facilitated the Fellowship Chair for  the  academy from 2004-2013. He was awarded the Excellence in Cosmetic Dental Education Award by the Academy in 2009, and was inducted as a member of the American Academy of Esthetic Dentistry (AAED) also in 2009. He became an AAED Fellow member in 2014, making him one of only three dentists worldwide with this combination of Fellowship credentials.

Dr. LeSage is the founder and director of the University of California, Los Angeles, (UCLA ) Esthetic Continuum Levels I and II. These programs teach practicing dentists the art and science of cosmetic dentistry. He is also the director of The Beverly Hills Institute of Dental Esthetics. The institute offers small study clubs and mentoring.

Dr. LeSage practices and teaches truly minimally invasive dentistry: the most conservative, least invasive, predictable restoration of teeth to normal form and function with tooth-colored materials. His national and international symposia lectures offer practical, attainable techniques in adhesive and cosmetic dentistry to help clinicians raise their level of expertise and change their dental practice philosophy.

Dr. LeSage is a Fellow with the Academy of General Dentistry.  He is recognized annually as a Leader in CE and a Top Clinician in CE through Dentistry Today magazine. His has published several chapters on veneers and bonding as well as extensively written over 25 article in dental publications.   He has given over 600 lectures to his dental colleagues and Dr LeSage would tell you that is his way of “giving back” to the profession he loves.


Dr. Jordy Manauta

Simplification with Modern Composite for Perfect Restorations - The Styleitaliano Method

Aesthetic dentistry is now-a-days a topic present in many congresses, articles and schools. Is something every dentist wants to do and achieve. Unfortunately it has not been at the reach of everyone, and not only, the more we see, the more complicated it seems. Some people scandalize when they hear about a “simple” aesthetic dentistry as “if the fact of simplifying” would turn the aesthetics into trash. In the reality, it happens all the contrary, but simplification comes by the hand of dental basic principles. We will learn how to obtain excellent results with the rational use of the “all time” concepts and the most contemporary. The aim is to put into practice immediately this precious tips from the Styleitaliano team.

Born in Mexico City, Jordi Manauta graduated with a degree in dentistry from the Technological University of Mexico (UNITEC) with major grants. He continued his postgraduate studies in operative and aesthetic dentistry, earning a master’s degree from the International University of Catalonia (UIC) in Barcelona, Spain. Disciple of Miguel Tames (Mexico City) and Walter Devoto (Italy), he has developed and currently is developing various materials and instruments for aesthetic dentistry, dental colorimetry and photography in collaboration with international companies.

He is visiting professor in Siena universitiy and Egas Monis University in Lisbon Scientific consultant for two European journals. Dr. Manauta is member of Styleitaliano study group since 2008. He is author of the book Layers (Quintessence 2012) and Layers2 (Quintessence 2022) and is author and coauthor of many publications in international journals, Dr Manauta is frequently invited as a lecturer in aesthetic and operative dentistry.


Dr. Byron Tsivos

HyFlex EDM. Endo Finally Made Easy

The root canal procedure is often perceived as a complex procedure for the general dentist. With the use of the superior physical properties of HYFLEX EDM and simple guidelines that need to be followed endodontics become easy and cost effective. The aim of this webinar would be to help dentists face one of the worst fears in everyday practice, the fracture of instruments and the management of curved canals in Endodontics. The attendances upon completion of this webinar should be confident to treatment plan and manage any root canal curvature that they will come across in everyday practice with ease and comfort. In addition, a practical step to step guide in retreating failed cases with HyFlex will be offered. Furthermost since every retreatment case poses unique challenges an attempt to offer an “applied in every case” workflow strategy.

Dr. Byron Tsivos, runs his clinic at the Isle of Man’s and graduated as a  MSc in Endodontics in 2008 at the Eastman Dental Institute (University College of London). Since 2008 Dr. Tsivos has been providing at the Isle of Man. Chairman of the Isle of Man Dental Association, an active member of the British Endodontic Society, European Society  of Endodontology and the British Society of Dental and Maxillofacial Radiology. Byron is considered an opinion leader in the field of endodontics for COLTENE.


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